Direct mail for the Grand Opening of Moosejaw’s Salt Lake City store.

The design features a playful aesthetic mirroring the fair-theme of the event, with illustrations of the various outdoor gear Moosejaw carries, as well as some Easter eggs. The 3-panel mailer was designed to promote the event, with the interior poster focusing on the brand itself. The design was well-received, with almost 1,000 people attending the event.
I started with a variety of thumbnails, looking for something that could be grand enough to be featured on a fair poster, yet also showcase the outdoor nature of Moosejaw stores. A log cabin on the edge of a cliff, or even a play on a Trojan Horse was considered, before landing on a backpacking pack-rat Sasquatch. This design allowed us to be flexible, leaving plenty of room for the copy and logos, while still showcasing the illustration.
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