A collection of tees, bottles, and whatever else Moosejaw could possibly print on.
Bed to Bar Onesie

Pattern and neck label for a onesie that you could wear from bed to bar. The label encompasses a variety of onesie design, including this brunch themed pattern.
Moosejaw x Detroit Dog Rescue
Happy dogs are what Detroit Dog Rescue is all about, but the work isn't easy. The styling of the hand lettering embodies the hands-on nature of their mission.
Moosejaw Bandana Packaging
A fun label for fun bandanas.

Moosejaw x Detroit Industry Club

A design collaboration with the kids at Detroit Industry Club. Kids submitted drawings and ideas to be re-illustrated and featured on Moosejaw products.
Moosejaw Traveling Trailer Tee
Illustration for the launch of Moosejaw's traveling trailer. Inspired by mid-century motel signage.
Moosejaw x Michigan Sea Grant

Made to benefit Michigan Sea Grant's environmental internship program, which provides hands-on research experience and mentoring to undergraduate students.
Moosejaw Arkansas Shop Grand Opening Tote
Created for the grand opening of Moosejaw's Arkansas shop. Featuring the state bird and state flower.
Moosejaw x Great Lakes Proud
The greatest parties are the ones with your friends, so let's take care of our friends in the Great Lakes.
Moosejaw Kids Tee
A jet-skiing beaver, made for the launch of Moosejaw Kids.
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